Bowling for Latrines!

Sunday, June 3rd
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Pechin and Hermit Streets, Roxborough, PA

The Interfaith Community Building Group(ICBG) formed in 1997 when volunteers from St. Vincent’s, Mishkan Shalom, and other faiths helped rebuild the burned Rocky Point Missionary Baptist Church in Mississippi. Since then, ICBG has worked on churches, homes and community buildings in El Salvador, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

This July, ICBG members will travel at their own expense to Las Anonas, El Salvador to help build latrines. ICBG must raise $220 per latrine. Your support will help!

Join us for bowling, prizes, refreshments and fun!

PICK Your Level!

  • Johnny on the Spot $220.00 (includes photo of YOUR latrine!)
  • Privy Partisan $100.00
  • Potty Prince/ss $60.00
  • The Necessary $30.00
  • Students & Kids $15.00

RSVP to Bonnie Queen: Call (215) 247-5153 OR email OR

Send the form below to:

Bonnie Queen, 8 Rex Avenue #4, Philadelphia, PA 19118.

I (we) will attend (Names)__________________________________________________________

I will attend and buy my ticket at the door (Names) __________________________________________

I can’t attend but enclosed is my donation of _________ write checks to US El Salvador Sister Cities.


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