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More Youth Delegation Photos



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Update on Youth Delegation

Good morning from beautiful Perquín.

This is Joe writing about our day visiting the historic site of El Mozote to walk through the holy ground 31 years after the massacre. We spent time later in the day reflecting by el Rio Sapo (please see our pictures below of several photos illustrating its beauty).

We concluded our visit at the Museum of the Revolution to engage in solidarity through the education about the war and all aspects of international involvement.

More Pictures to come!


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Philly Youth Delegation to El Salvador!

We started Sunday at the tomb of Romero then were off to Las Anonas for a quick – too quick – visit to our sister community.

We toured the community, greeted families, cried with the family of Jose Armando (a youth recently killed related to gang activity in the region), visited Maura who shared her story as the mom of 3 disappeared children and her search for them. Wow.

Monday was construction of the kitchen -made concrete for the foundation of the rebar while another group went off to the city council to advocate for gang-free communities. Our two groups met up in El Salto where we built last year for lunch. What a warm welcome! Saludos for all from last year!

Now we are in Morazan with 5 leaders from Las Anonas having breakfast and will go to El Mozote together. All is well. Thanks for prayers and support!



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