About Us

The Romero Interfaith Center (RIC) was founded in 1990 in response to the struggle of rural Salvadorans for basic human rights and economic, political and social justice during the devastating civil war (1979-91) underwritten by United States foreign policy. From its inception, RIC has worked toward improving the everyday lives of rural Salvadorans to ensure the values of dignity, justice and peace for which Archbishop Oscar Romero gave his life.

We are an interfaith group of faith communities and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia area who work together to maintain a relationship with the people of El Salvador.

As a member of the U.S.El Salvador Sister Cities (www.elsalvadorsolidarity.org) network, we have a personal and institutional connection with the rural community of Las Anonas and, by extension, with the municipality of Tecoluca and the province of San Vicente.

Our constituent congregations include St. Vincent’s Parish (Philadelphia, PA), Tabernacle United Church (Philadelphia, PA) and Congregation Mishkan Shalom (Philadelphia, PA).


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